les Avignons 2012 Timeline

Recently we did a small year-in-review site at les Avignons covering the most memorable moments of 2012. We came up with the idea of making a timeline, similar to Facebook, but visually more appealing to make scrolling real fun.

les Avignons Timeline 2012

The timeline mainly shows those projects that were not directly client work. I’m really proud of our team and what everyone has achieved last year – Tobias moved to New York to work for Fi, Andy started into the “the Old, the Young & the Sea”-adventure, etc. It also emphasises the fact that having sideprojects is so important to stay satisfied with your job.

From a technical perspective, I used Skrollr for the animations once again. It supports requestAnimationFrame and has a really designer-friendly syntax. What’s handy is that you can define transitions relative to the viewport – something that’s really important when trying to support various resolutions.

So I hope you enjoy this little experience as much as we do!

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