Keeping track


As a modern webworker keeping track on all the news, articles and resources is essential, yet difficult. Here’s a selection of tools I use every day.


This one is obvious but Twitter really IS the most efficient tool when it comes to quickly scan what is going on. For many of us it even replaced RSS feeds completely. Besides friends and colleagues I follow a curated selection of international designers, developers and opinion leaders as well as some news sites and blogs.


Although you further clutter your newsfeed I find it interesting how brands communicate on Facebook. Some do it really well and I try to transfer some of the ideas into my daily work. Tech news site The Verge does a really good job here, just to name an example.


Email is still an efficient way of receiving news. Sidebar, a handy daily newsletter showing the 5 best design links curated by selected editors, was one of the best things to happen to my inbox in 2013. If you want to just read the most distilled stuff this thing is for you.

Designer News

The people behind Layervault set up a curated channel called Designer News. The links shared here really appeal to my focus of work and the quality is constantly high due to curated contributors. You can also follow it on Twitter, of course.

The Latest

The Latest is quite similar to my previous recommendation. They automatically collect the links posted by a bunch of the most interesting people on Twitter.

…one more thing

Although these are currently my top resources collecting these links and reviewing them is another story. That is why I’m currently working on a library site with features that today’s web people will really appreciate. More infos soon!

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I am also shifting away from RSS towards Twitter lately. Sidebar is also one of my favorites. I did not know “The Latest”. Seems to be a really good option.

Thanks for the great post!

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