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Jürgen Genser is a multi-disciplinary designer and web-developer based in Graz, Austria. My services include, but are not limited to: graphic design & identity, front-end development (preferably WordPress-based), user interaction & experience (UI+UX). I’m constantly trying to push the boundaries in my chosen tasks, delivering high quality visual and technical solutions for clients of all types.

I pride myself to have worked for a range of national and international clients, solely or collaboratively within the creative network les Avignons, founded by Tobias Schneider and me in 2010.

I’m an adept of minimalism and a web standards enthusiast, trying to make web a better place every single day.

I’m a vital member of the local webcommunity, initialising and supporting such projects as Barcamp Graz. Moreover I’m running a couple of self-initiated projects with my mates from les Avignons. Be sure to check out Pagelanes, a Facebook page management tool made for brands and agencies.

You can contact me via email, follow me on Twitter, friend me on Facebook or contact me via LinkedIn. I’m also on Dribbble, Instagram and Behance.