Sideprojects are an important part of a freelancer’s life. They provide you with the opportunity of trying out new things or simply focusing on some new topic you were interested in.

A few weeks ago I startet a Tumblr blog named Preloaded. It began as a little idea inspired by a project by Bigspaceship. Preloaded should be what Prettyloaded was for the Flash-era. Just like then loading graphics add a nice touch to modern websites. Since content-heavy and feature-rich sites and webapps are growing in file-size the demand for a loading indicator has risen again. At the same time the techniques with which you can build them are as diverse as never before. From simple animated GIFs (although often build in After Effects and Photoshop) to CSS3-animated elements and Canvas-based methods I found a nice variety of examples.

Thanks to the power of social media the blog has been featured on Designer News, The Latest and also by Tumblr itself. The latter meant a big boost in followers – about 4000 people are now fans of my little sideproject.

I’m really proud of how this thing turned out. Thanks to all who showed interest in Preloaded and I encourage you all to contribute to this growing repository of loading graphics!